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How long does it take?

Most customers receive their order within a week for standard pendants.  9ct gold and sterling silver pendants are handmade to order by a master jeweller, this process can take up to a week.  We do ask that customers allow up to 14 business days to receive their order.  If you need your order quickly, please advise us at the time of order and use the Express Postage option.  International orders will take longer.

How long will the image last or will the image come off?

The image is actually engraved into the metal surface so it will not come off.  The engraving is permanent.  We recommend regular care and cleaning to both maintain the metal surface and to keep dirt from building up, which may reduce the image quality.

Will the image be printed in colour on the pendant?

No.  As the image is not printed on, it will not be in colour.  A pin actually strikes the metal surface, creating a monochrome etched finish.


What are the postage costs?

Currently, regular postage is included free with pendants, within Australia.  You can pay extra to change your postage method to Registered or Express Post.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do.  International postage is available for a flat rate of $10 (standard airmail) worldwide for up to 2 pendants.  Insurance is additional if required.


How do I pay for my item?

Payment is made at the time of order.  Our web payments are processed through paypal (allowing you to pay with credit card), alternatively you can pay via direct deposit or send us a cheque/money order in the post.  International payments are via Paypal only.


How do I send in my photo?

You can upload your photo at the time of order or email us your digital photo in .jpg or .bmp format.  Alternatively, you can post us a photograph through the regular mail.

If I send you a photograph in the mail, will I get it back?

Yes, all photos sent to us in hard copy will be returned to you, with your order.

What size photo do you need?

Any size up to A4 is suitable.  Digital images should be sent in their original size (without adjustment, resizing or modification).

What quality does my photo need to be?

A clear, sharp photo with good lighting will provide the best result.  We will crop and adjust your photo to suit the pendant, so please send the photo in its original size.  If you are scanning your photo, please do so at a minimum of 200dpi.  If you are unsure, you are welcome to email your photo to us prior to placing your order.

Can you combine people from 2 different photos?

Yes, we can merge your images so that they engrave together on the one pendant.  Please add an Image Merge to your shopping basket and let us know which people from your images you want merged.

Can you remove the background from my photo?

Yes, we remove the background from all photos prior to engraving.  This removes any distractions in the image and puts the focus on the faces.  If there is anything in the background that is significant to the memory you are preserving, please advise us at the time of order.

Can I have a photo on both sides of the pendant?

Yes, to add a photo on the second side is only $10 extra.  Reverse side photos are available on standard (Rhodium or IPG), Sterling Silver or 1mm thick 9ct Gold pendants.  Please note that the 0.6mm thick 9ct gold pendants are suitable for text only on the reverse side.  (All pendants already include engraving on the first side)


How many people/faces can you fit on one pendant?

It depends on how big you want the faces to be...the more people the smaller they will engrave. As a guide, three people fit nicely side by side on most medium sized pendants (keeping in mind that a rectangular/oval shaped pendant would need to be side on/landscape). You will fit more on the large id tag.

How many words will fit on a pendant, and how much will it cost?

We have a flat fee of $5 for text, with unlimited words. However, please keep in mind the size and shape of your pendant when selecting your text. The more words you have, the smaller (and harder to read) the text will be. Around 10 words will fit well on most pendants. Larger verses or messages will fit best on the ID Tag. If you have something in mind, please ask.

Can you engrave anything other than photo's or text?

Yes, we have engraved many types of pictures from artwork and caricatures, to company logos.  If you have something in mind, please ask.

Are there any other pendant shapes available?

Yes, many other shapes are available to us, but we do not keep them in stock.  If you are interested in placing a special order, please ask for a quote.

Can I send you my own pendant to be engraved?

Yes, we have an engraving only service.  Suitable pendants need to be perfectly flat on both surfaces with no bumps, ridges or uneven contours.  Please contact us for pricing or to see if your pendant is suitable.

Can you engrave onto anything other than pendants?

We have engraved onto metal surfaces such as: zippo lighters, watches and business card holders etc.  Suitable items need to be perfectly flat, no thicker than 20mm and no wider than 80x80mm.  If you have something in mind, that you would like to personalise, please ask.

Do you sell 9ct Gold or Sterling Silver necklaces?

We do not regularly keep any in stock. However, we can get them in for you, please ask if you would like to add a chain in either 9ct Gold or Sterling Silver.

Will my pendant scratch?

Any metal surface will scratch if it is knocked or rubs against other harsh or hard surfaces.  Avoid wearing more than one pendant or necklace at a time; take care when storing that your necklace, bookmark or key ring is not scratching against the surface of the pendant; and avoid contact with other sharp, hard or metal edged items.

Will my pendant tarnish or wear?

Plated metal surfaces can tarnish or the plated coating can wear over time.  Extended contact with perfumes, chemicals and moisture may speed this process.  Plated pendants will have a longer life as a key ring, bookmark or keepsake item.  Sterling Silver is a precious metal, however it is susceptible to tarnishing, and it is known that sterling silver is not favourable on some skin types (causing the pendant and skin to go black), these can be cleaned.  9ct gold is a precious metal and designed as a jewellery piece.  We recommend investing in the 9ct gold if you intend to use as everyday jewellery.  Care instructions are included to help you maintain and get the most out of your pendants.

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